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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute". >> a snowboarder is shredding the slopes but -- >> something's about to happen. >> why hitting a little kid leads to putting the hurt on him. >> they went motor boating to raise cash for cancer research, but -- >> the money was refunded by the organization. >> how their new plan got the donations to one very deserving lady. >> thank you so much.
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>> a suspect leads cops on a fast and furious chase. >> but that is not the craziest part of this video. >> what it's like to be dodging bullets from a buick. >> and a fan shares a back alley duet with jason moracz. >> they sound awesome together. >> how it led to internet stardom and her dreams. >> he was like hey, remember that time we sang that song together? >> daniel paulson is on sweet revenge slope. but something's about to happen. he tries to avoid her but instead hits a little boy who comes from behind another man. that's when the guy comes out.
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>> talk about the incident. he said he was really apologized. he said he and his friend skied down at the bottom of the slope, and the dad gave an apology but it have insincere. >> it inevitable people are going to get bumped in. you got to ircareful. >> i think 17-year-old dhas to e commended. i think you have a teen-ager acting better than the grownup. >> a lot to learn from this short little clip from everybody as point of view. >> we reached out of the -- they were able to amicably resolve
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their issues and go on with the day. the resort said they are very relieved both parties were not seriously injured. >> a regular traffic violation led to this high-spee case in con way carolina. you can see the rendezvous runs through a roadblock, passes car in the other thing watch here and see the car kind of takes an exit here to the right? it almost wrecks. those, those are shots. you see the driver out of the vehicle firing bark as. >> give it sm .harp.
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>> the. >> you hear more shots. the driver and passenger both got out of the vehicles and started fleeing. the officers in per suess, dlufrs the driver was taken into custody at the scene. the passier flood into the wids. shannon marie kaiser was the passenger in this thing. both have quite the rap sheet. cochran, the shooter, facing a lot of other safeties, for any of the.
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in this just happened in. >> you have got to be completely tuned out to life to not see a speeding train coming towards you. up ahead you see a very large truck moving down the road. but right in front of that truck, comes a bm, aof his could. reports we read say this guy was okay. he got tossed to the side of the train and survive this conclusion. now, we all know once the roads get icy and snowy, you have back off on the throttle a little bit.
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he doesn't teak the advantage. is a are you this guy in this giant truck that has xl on the side of it -- >> i think it might have been unintentional drifting. he was drifting and then it was too late. >> he's a show off. >> you know she was showing off. there's someone standing there in the right position to get every angle of this thing. that has been done before. >> you i goes rotor boat mystery, they were just going to athrough their motor boat for 20 bucks for a good cuss. they were going to donate the money to the breks refoundation.
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>> it turns out their money was refunded by the organization. >> we didn't know what to do. we were shocked. we read through your suggestions and one said give the money to someone who really needs it. >> we found crystal. we read her story and it really, really touched us. >> and crystal, it sounded like she was the right person. >> she lost her job, we knew we had to help him. we give her a surprise. she has no idea they're coming. but we should en since then she's gone through surgery, double mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. finally they tell her why she's
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really there. >> we raised about 6,850, which we've rounded up to $7,000. >> thank you. can i hug you? >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> so they give her one envelope. but that's not it. there's more. >> that was the money raised from our video but we have another anonymous sponsor who wanted to donate to your cause as well. >> so they actually matched our donation. >> i love that they broke it up. >> we have these three gentlemen via skype "right this minute" all the way from l.a. what was it like to be able to do this, to give this woman this gift? >> it was really, really emotional. i couldn't even speak much because i was on the verge of
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tears. >> how saw some that this organization return the money to you? >> you have heard anything from crystal lately? how's she doing? >> she's very, very thankful. she basically broke down in tears saying this is one of the greatest things anyone can ever do for her. >> it's an attack that comes out of nowhere. >> that's a tibetan mastiff. if you know anything about this breed of dog, huge. >> and youtube sensation is at it again, this time with a nascar superstar. see how they joined talents in this card board rodeo.
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strange circumstances. you're about to see two examples. in china, a woman walks around some sort of service station. when she comes back to the bottom of the screen, watch what jumps out at her. a tibetan mastiff. huge. this thing is attacking her viciously, looks like it's got her shirt, her arm, almost like he has a rag doll. she's trying to get back up on th platform. she knows if she can get there,
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she can escape the dog. eventually she's able to roll backward, eventually you see a guy come to her aid. unclear of the injuries. just the size of the dog, he looked like a bear. >> he probably outweighed her easily. >> he's about the size of her. >> from there to something completely different in russia. this is a circus act known as the wheel of death. it almost lived up to its name. >> it looked like a double ferris wheel. >> watch as he goes around. he falls out. the thing is moving so fast that the other wheel hits him. >> he gets like catapulted into the crowd. >> exactly. it all happened in a split second. the guy said he woke up and he was on the ground. the guy only suffered a broken elbow. you see him here being interviewed by "life news."
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he said they trained for hours, just made a misstep, something went wrong, he just kind of wobbled off and the thing is spinning so fast, you can't hit the brakes. the other wheel just ran into him and launched him into space. >> i'm not going to be lie. this might be every nascar favre's dream caught on this video. you might recognize this guy, dale earnhardt, jr. watch what he's about to do. this is all kinds of awesome. you've got folks with automobiles and a long rope and they are skiing behind up, if you will, on card board on a barbie jeep on a pink sled and
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dale, jr.ier is staying up on it. they're on a track. >> not only is he the one in the the little barbie jeep, he gets in the atv and he's driving this sucker around. and that is devin graham. he put this entire video together and could not pass up on the fun. >> real be powering as kid. just different is still doing it. >> a woman gets very lucky in a back al. >> this is. >> and eight school for the man.
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we'll reveal what this school is really trying to teach.
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closed captioning provided by: [[ m maalele a annnonoununcece, meet selsun science. you're history.
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seselslsunun b blulue e itch. ggetets s toto t the root off and hydrates the scalp. seselslsunun b blulue itchy . there's a video that was shot back in october of 2011 that is just now going viral and it is a gem. this is jason morascz. he has his guitar and he's playing his song "lucky." alexandra is singing a duet with him. she's singing the song "lucky" with him. alexandra had actually gone to see jason perform at the hotel cafe, but she was turned away
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because she was under age. so she knows how to -- i'm just going to wait in the alley way and i hope he comes out. and even better than just coming out and staying hello, ended up sging this eire song and insane. ♪ you hold me >> they sound amazing together. >> remember i said this video just started going viral. people do have the story behind this particular video but everyone's saying when they will perform again? >> you know us, we do a ton of research here and, in fact, in september jason was performing during his love is a four letter word tour in san francisco, alexandra was at the concert. and once again they're singing
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"lucky" together but this time they're in front of an audience. we have alexander, also known as alexis. >> i met a girl who works with him. she's become one of my best friends. we went up north to see him together. >> would you like to sing a song for us? >> actually, i wrote a song about singing with jason. >> cool. ♪ oh, with a song in my heart ♪ >> if you want to hear her entire song, go to our web site
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and cling on today's last show. >> are you a man or do you know of a man who could use an extra shot of manlyness? >> hello. welcome to the eastern europe and men's school. not everyone man is born as a man. >> it seems at the eastern european monen's school, they focus on three pillars. one is fighting. he also teaches us of how to pick your opponent. >> the open minded, woman, can be as good fighting competition tent as. >> this is the place where we
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drink vodka. and most of this drinking end up in the fight. >> at the very end this dude tells us if you're interested, go to our web site, cool men's if you go to the site because i was interested in the sports. >> sure. >> and it takes you to a web site for redirected so this is all sort of a promo for a movie that will be out january 10th, 2014, starting in lithuania, which is about a criminal action comedy with a distinctive flavor of eastern european exotic. that is from the web site. this is all sort of a big promo for a movie. >> in case you're wondering what i'm drinking, this gives you energy. >> a kitten gets itself all walled up -- >> at a gas station. the last place you want
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i feel like this video is a man's two obsessions melded into one. these aren't just your standard holiday lights. ♪ ♪ >> that sounds like marching band music. >> it's the fight song from penn state. this guy is a huge knnittany lion it's set all synced marching band. bob, a penn state grad, an engineering degree from penn state, no surprise. >> well, they taught him well. >> he put this here with 45,000 lights in this display. hopefully the neighbors are penn state fans, too. but you never know. >> it's weird because it doesn't
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really get you in the christmas spirit. >> no, i feel like i want to go outin the stable and catch somebody. >> cats getting stuck in the wall. we first start with the michigan humane society. they're rescuing a kitten stuck in a wall at the gas station. >> i used the cat grabber to get him out. >> the cat grabber. they have an official tool now, that's how common these rescues are. >> oh, look at how hungry it was. as soon as it ate its fool, they're going to put it on for adongs. >> this he said it opened into
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open floor joints and as we know, cats are drawn to each other. >> this is his home, right? >> yeah. >> they should just leave that hole there. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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dr. oz: when it comes to cell phones, your bra has become the new purse. >> today on "dr. oz," -- dr. oz: don't touch that phone. >> leave your phone in your bra? why it's a bad call. and doctors' new discovery. >> anyone who puts their cell phone near their breast is playing with fire. >> coming up next on "dr. oz." dr. oz: the reasons women give for doing it make a lot of sense. it's easy, convenient and

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